Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cooking Class 101

Well we have decided to go back to homeschooling.  YAY!!  I am SO excited!  My how I have missed it.  Yesterday was the 2nd day of school and we had a cooking class.  One of the things I love about homeschooling is being able to incorporate real life situations into our lessons.  I was scheduled to bring dinner to a mops mommy who just had her baby and Skyler's best friend just got home from spending 3 days in the hospital so I also wanted to bless their family with a meal.  So instead of cooking it all myself and trying to cram in school (which is pointless right now since we are so far ahead already) I decided to recruit Ryan and Zayna and use it as a lesson.  Ryan cooked the main part of the meal.  It was a taco casserole.  He did everything, I was so proud of him.  He boiled the noodles, browned and seasoned the meat, opened and drained all the corn, beans and tomatoes and put it all together.  Zayna baked the cupcakes and made the frosting (from scratch) and then frosted them.  All I did was add a few little veggies to the salad.  It was a great day and a great lesson.  Ryan made a tripple batch of the casserole so he was able to not only feed our two friends' families, but ours as well.  They both had so much fun.  Ryan wants to cook us dinner every night now he says. LOL!!  LOVE IT!