Monday, August 2, 2010

Roughin' It

For the last 8 years my husband has been begging me to go camping with him.  It's not that I am against camping, I actually enjoy camping.  However, our ideas of camping are somewhat different.  I think of the Sequoias, or up in the canyon or even over by the beach.  Pitch a tent, have a camp fire, smores, games you know stuff like that.  Pete's version of camping: Drive 4 hours, go over Kaiser Pass ( a VERY narrow and steap road), boat across the lake (30 min trip which has to be made multiple times to get all people and gear across the lake), hike (small hike, but still a hike) to camp site, bring rifle in case of bears, shower bag for showers every 2-3 days, fish most of the day so we can eat, and a portable toilet set over a hole dug by yours truly.  WHAT?  SERIOUSLY?  Oh my, oh my.  I have finally caved in and am giving him his family camping trip.  This is where he grew up camping.  His grandparents and entire family used to go every year.  I am terrified!  I know we will have fun, I am looking forward to spending time with him and the kids, I am excited about being in the beautiful mountains too, but there are definately parts of this experience I am still dreading.  I will make the best of it for my husband.  I will not complain or make things difficult.  I will make sure that he enjoys this vacation!!  So before we leave on Wednesday for our week long camping adventure I am going to spend the next two days finding all of the positives and getting myself ready to enjoy my husband's way of camping.  

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