Sunday, November 14, 2010

Emily's 1st Birthday

It came WAY too fast.  I cannot believe that my baby is 1 year old.  I am loving every moment of watching her learn and grow, but I am so sad that I can't stop time.  Emily, Princess, you are very smart and you learn things so quickly.  It is truly fun to teach you and watch you learn! 
Emmy's party was a ton of fun!  We had taco soup for lunch and then blueberry and oreo cake for dessert.  She had so much fun running around with everyone, dancing and playing.  She enjoyed opening her gifts with daddy too.

I just want to list some of the newest things you have started doing that I think are stinkin' adorable!!  I love the way you put your hands over your face and say Peek Boo and then take them away really quickly and laugh out loud, I love the way you run around the house and scream really loud just to hear your voice, I love the way you laugh when we laugh just because we are laughing, I love the way you snuggle your stuffed animals and carry them around everywhere with you, I love that you want to give me hugs and pat my back 100 times a day and I love the way you reach up to hold my hand so that we can walk side by side.  You are such a sweet, smart girl and I love you VERY much Peanut!!!  This has been an awesome year with you.

Monday, November 1, 2010


This was Emily's first halloween and we all had so much fun with her.  She followed her big sisters and brother to every house.  Walked up to all the doors stuck out her bucket, gave a big smile when they gave her candy, turned around and walked down the sidewalk ready to go to the next house.  She knew what to do and was enjoying doing it.  She didn't want to be held, she wanted to walk by herself.  They scary houses didn't even bother her.  She is something else.  I have to say though that after yet another year of obtaining WAY too much candy that I am NOT going to let my kids eat we as a family have decided it will be our last year of trick or treating, at least for a while.  The kids don't need the candy and they don't even really want it.  Next year we are going to decorate the house all up, go extreme with make up and costumes and create a halloween environment to spook all the trick or treaters and pass out the candy.  The kids are all on board witht he idea for next year and are really excited about it. 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Oh man....

tonight at the dinner table we are talking and watching the baseball game.  Right before they go to commercial they show Alcatraz Prison.  Pete rewinds it and tells the kids look at this to which Ryan replies "Oh that looks haunted".  Pete and looked at each other and laughed.  Then Pete tells them it is Alcatraz and Ryan says "Oh I have seen Alcatraz in a Scooby Doo movie before."  He goes on to tell us all about the movie and how someone lost their right hand from a shark attack in 1986 when he tried to escape.  HOLY COW....REALLY?  The memory and the detail in the memory on this kid is amazing.  He has seen every scooby doo movie ever made!  He has been a fanatic or has he says a "fan of Scooby Doo" since he was 2.  The fact that he can reference them and pull out facts that he remembers from them is so cool!  I love his brain and I love him!!!  He is such an awesome kid.  I have a house full of awesom kids!!!  I am truly blessed!  Thank you Ryan for making me smile tonight!

Uncle Randy

This may or may not flow and make sense.  I am not sure how it will work out.  I haven't even begun to deal with the loss so my feelings are all over the place.  I am just going to write and I may re-write at a later time.  My Uncle Randy went to be with Jesus on Tuesday.  Even as I am typing it my heart still refuses to believe it.  I just know that if I called him he would answer the phone.  He went in for what they thought was going to be a routine surgery, at least that's what I was told, and during surgery he had a heart attack.  He was on life support and in the ICU.  He seemed to improve over the first 24 hours, but that didn't last long.  He had a long list of health problems and I guess in some eyes this was inevitable, but in mine he was indestructible.  Between Saturday and Sunday my Aunt Elaine noticed a change in her husband, how amazing to know someone so well that even when they couldn't communicate to you that something had changed you could see it!  The doctors ran tests and discovered he had a stroke.  That was the straw that broke the camels back I guess.  Tuesday they took his tube out and within minutes he left this world and went to a better, brighter place.  My aunt said that he was peaceful and comfortable when he passed.  I guess if you have to go you can't ask for much more than that.  That's how he died, but I have so many memories of how he lived!  I don't even know if I can describe how special he is to me.  Next to my dad their isn't another man that holds that kind of place in my heart.  He was honery and funny and loud and one of the sweetest men God ever created.  He was full of life and spunk and he was who he was!!  Everybody who knew Randy loved Randy.  You couldn't help but love him, he was such a force!  I remember as a child going to his house and my cousins and my brother and I would want to walk to the store so they would send me to ask him for money because we all knew he wouldn't say no.  As we would walk down the street we would laugh because we could hear my mom and my aunt Elaine laughing so loudly and mostly at whatever was coming out of my uncle Randy's mouth.  Their laughter would carry all the way down the street.  There was one time when I wanted a Popple and for whatever reason, I am sure it was a good one, I wasn't getting it from my parents.  When I got to my uncle's house I told him that I wanted one, but my mom and dad didn't buy me one so he took me to the store and bought it for me.  I remember getting in trouble for standing on a chair and reaching across the table for food so my uncle picked me up and sat me down in the middle of the table and told me I could have whatever I wanted.  I remember spending weeks during the summertime with them and having the best time of my life.  I remember my parents and my aunt and uncle going out while we stayed at the house with my cousins and they let us watch Goonies, lol, we all got in trouble for that one.  I remember going out to Kettleman City to ride dirt bikes and falling off, my uncle walked over to me, told me to stop crying and get back on the bike.  Tough love!  He was good at that too.  I remembr as a teenager I was at my boyfriend's house and I got a call telling me to come home and bring my boyfriend with me.  When we pulled up my uncle was standing outside waiting for us.  HOLY CRAP I thought.  I walked up and gave him a hug and he told me to go in the house.  I of course did as I was told, but I was worried.  He had a little heart to heart with my boyfriend about what his intentions where and how he was going to treat me and what would happen if he didn't listen.  LOL, he broke up with me a few days later, guess it wasn't meant to be.  I will always hold onto all of my great memories with my uncle and his entire family.  Thankfully I can continue to make memories with them and share in our memories of him.  He was one of  a kind! 

Now I think the hardest part of dealing with all the pain is the pain that keeps coming.  I had intended on going to visit him on Friday, but I was not able to get away and do that.  Therefore I did not get to see him before he passed.  No final goodbye, I didn't get to kiss him one last time or hold his hand.  And to top it all off I don't even get to go to his funeral and be a part of that.  I have never felt pain like this before...     

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

11 Month Old

I am late on this one too.  Emily you amaze me everyday.  I don't know why I deserve to be so blessed, but I am thankful. 

  • You pick everything up so quickly.  We show you 1 time and then you do it.
  • You are "talking" like crazy and you have a handful of correct words.
  • You love to climb on everything.
  • You have now progressed to running.
  • We have not found a food yet that you do not like.  Onions, peppers, beans (of all kinds), mushrooms, avacado, brocoli, spinach, kiwi, banana, apple, orange, rice, chicken, celery, carrots and the list goes on.  You are an excellent eater!
  • You love to be outside.  Anytime anyone opens and then closes the door to the outside you cry because you want to go.
  • You have quite the little attitude!  When you don't want something or someone you have started to give the stink eye and swat at the person or thing that you don't want along with a grunt.
  • You shake your head no.
  • You pout and it is so funny!
  • You love to snuggle and give hugs.
  • You are SUCH a daddy's girl!!
You are growing very quickly and learning at super speed.  We love you and we are so happy that God blessed us with you!  It has been an amazing 11 months.

Ryan turns 7

I should have done this on Sunday, his birthday, but things have been so crazy around here I didn't have the chance.  So we are just going to pretend that I wrote it on his actual birthday, lol.

7 years ago today I gave birth, after 18 1/2 hours of labor, to the most beautiful little boy.  You were the happiest of happy babies, always smiling and laughing.  You were an active, funny and VERY SMART toddler.  And now at 7 years old you continue to be a blessing to this family everyday.  You have the sweetest little heart and you are amazingly intelligent.  You keep me on my toes, you make me smile, you make me laugh, you make me feel like such a good mommy, you are amazing and the best son in the entire world!!!  We love you little man!  Happy Birthday!! :) 

Sunday, September 26, 2010


I just cannot believe how quickly Emily is grasping onto things.  I was really hoping she would be lazy, being the 4th and all and having 3 older siblings to do everything for her, but NO.  She is only 10 months old and she should be learning to do things she started to do 2 months ago.  She is walking and communicating so well.  She lets me know when she is hungry by pointing to her mouth and smacking her lips, when she starts to walk a little to far away from me I ask her to please come back and she immediately turns around and walks back to me, if she is asked not to put something in her mouth she won't, if she wants something she will point to it and make a noise and if she doesn't want something she will arch her back and begin to squeel LOL, but then I quickly look her and say no thank you we do not throw fits to get what we want and she stops and start using her "words".  She is amazing and I as much as I am sad that she is growing so fast I am enjoying every moment of it.  And Emily is not the only one growing too fast.  They all are.  Zayna is a freshman in high school and working her first job.  She is really showing responsibility and maturity.  She is busting butt in school and talks a lot about her future which excited me because at least she is thinking about where her choices are taking her!!  She is enjoying soccer and just signed up for the film club at school.  She is also going to be joining Future Leaders of America.  She is smart and beautiful and a HUGE help to me everyday.
Skyler is really starting to blossom from a little girl into a young lady.  She has the cutest sense of humor and is our comedian!  She keeps us laughing.  She is also pretty sassy, but we are working on that. ;)  Skyler has done so much better with soccer this year than last.  She scored a goal in her game yesterday! YAY Skyler!! She is doing better in school this year too.
Ryan is my little stud!  He loves soccer and is pretty good at it too.  He also is really enjoying TKD (Tae Kwon Do) and is excelling at that as well.  He gets to test for his yellow belt on Wednesday.  He loves to learn and he picks up one everything so quickly, just like Emily!  He has really begun to enjoy reading and has been reading chapter books that are at a 3rd or 4th grade level and will sit in his room for hours just reading.  He is like his mama there, once you get us into a good book we don't want to put it down.
 I have the most wonderful kids!! I am so blessed.  Not every day runs smooth or is perfect, but I have so many blessings to be thankful for! :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

10 Months Old

I swear just as soon as I update on a month it's time to do it again.  You are growing up too fast Ms. Emily!  Let's see what you were up to this last month:

  • You now have 8 teeth.
  • You wave hello and goodbye.
  • You took your first steps a few weeks ago and are now walking EVERYWHERE like a pro.
  • You give the best hugs.
  • You love your daddy.
  • You think your big brother is the best and you want to play with him all of the time.
  • You are such a snuggle bug.
  • You still love to nurse.
  • You don't like it when your brother and sisters have to get out of the truck to go to school.
  • You like to play with the toilet paper in the bathroom.
  • You can say Mama, Dada, Dog, Bye and No No.
  • You are a very well behaved baby.
  • You have the cutest personality.
  • You blow strawberries.
  • You laugh a lot and you do it sometimes just to get attention.  It is SO cute.  You scrunch your eyes and laugh out loud.
  • You dance everytime we turn on music.

You are definately your own little person now.  You are growing and learning so quickly.  We love every moment of everyday with you.  You are our sunshine.  You are the cutest thing to walk this earth.  I love you baby girl!!! 

Sunday, August 22, 2010

9 Months Old

WOW!  I cannot believe that my baby love is 9 months old already.  SLOW DOWN, SLOW DOWN!!  Well Emily we were quite busy this month.  Let's review.

  • You now have 5 teeth.
  • You have climbed onto the dishwasher door and stood up attempting to help unload it.
  • You have climbed onto and over any and all baracades the kids have tried to create to keep you in or out of a room.
  • You are standing more now unsupported.
  • You think it's funny to bite, not bite to bite, but it's more like knawing due to teething.  Either way it hurts and you find it funny.
  • You give the BEST open mouth kisses.
  • You are very attached to mommy, but are really starting to snuggle up to daddy more and more.
  • Mommy left you for the first time with daddy and sissy for 3 hrs so I could get my hair done.
  • Mommy and daddy also had our first date this month.  We went to dinner and you stayed with Grammy, Pops and Sissy.
  • We went on our first family camping trip and it was your first camping trip period!  You were so awesome!!  You loved riding in the boat.
  • You swung in the swings at the park for the first time and you thought that was just a blast!
  • You are such a snuggle bug and we love every minute of it.
  • You tried avacados and mushrooms for the first time this month and you like them.
  • You clap your hands.
  • You started waving.  You are the cutest!  You do the open and close hand wave with your left hand and your beauty queen wave with your right hand.
  • You also moved into your "big" car seat this month.  You love it!

I know I say this every month, but that's only because it's true.  You are such a blessing and a true joy to have as a part of our family.  We love you so much Peanut.  You are the most beautiful baby and you hold all of our hearts in your little hand.  You couldn't be any more perfect!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Edison Lake Camping Trip

Well, we are home from our final summer vacation.  For 8 years now my husband has been trying to get me to go camping with him up at Edison Lake.  It's a long time family tradition that has died down over the last 10 years.  He has really been wanting to start it up again with our family.  His mom's dad and mom camped all the time and all the kids would camp with them even after they grew up and started their own families.  Obviously the memories that were created for my husband were strong ones because he really wants to share the experience with us.  I finally gave in to the daunting thought of all this camping trip entailed.  I went for my husband.  We decided we were going for 1 week.  His mom and dad decided to join us because they had been wanting to go back up there for a long time too.  We  packed the boat and the trucks Tuesday night in preperation for leaving Wednesday morning.  We got up and headed out around 8:30 Wednesday morning.  We stopped in Fresno to borrow a rifle from his dad, we needed to be prepared!  Then we continued on our journey.  About an hour after leaving Fresno is when the drive really began to get beautiful.  Lots of green pine trees!  I love the smell of pine.  I started to think to myself "This might not be so bad".  We drove through Shaver, stopping only to grab a snack for the kids and some water for me.  Then we drove through Huntington and continued to head for Edison.  Outside of Huntington the road narrows to one lane for two way traffic.  Narrow mountain roads lined with trees.  It really wasn't so bad.  We finally arrived at Edison around 3:00 or so.  A few of us got in the boat with the 1st load and boated across the lake to the spot that my husband had been dreaming of for a long time.  The spot he camped with his family for years.  As we get closer we see that there are already people there.  This didn't set too well with my husband, he was disappointed.  So we boated along the shoreline looking for another spot.  We came across a spot that looked pretty good.  It had an entire little kitchen area built out of wood between some trees and a shelf between two other trees.  Obviously a popular spot for the hikers.  My husband was not yet impressed.  He dropped us off and went back for another load.  After 3 trips we had everyone and all of our stuff at the camp.  It was dusk now so it was mosquito city and I was FREAKING out!!  Nothing was set up so there was not place to hide.  I started to second guess why I had agreed to this.  TAKE ME HOME is all I wanted to say, but I didn't.  I sucked it up and started to help set up camp.  Day 2: Skyler, Ryan, Pete, Zayna and I went out on our morning fishing trip.  I caught a small rainbow trout.  We would have let him go except I kind of hooked him through the eye and head and he just wasn't right after that so we kept hime for food.  After that the kids enjoyed an afternoon of gathering wood, swimming and running through the forest chasing chipmunks.  That night around the fire we heard 6 gun shots.  They sounded like shots from a hand gun and then a few minutes later we heard a rifle shot.  We assumed someone shot a bear.  Day 3: Pete, Ryan, Skyler and I went on the morning fishing trip.  We were on our way back to camp when our of NOWHERE our dog Duke decides to jump out of the boat.  Now we were going about 10 miles an hour and he jumped over the front of the boat, went under the boat and was spit out by the boat propeller out the back end of the boat.  Before we realized he had jumped he was out the back end.  We turned the boat around and I grabbed him and pulled him in the boat.  He was cut up pretty good from the propeller.  We were all so horrified by what had just happened.  All I could do was hold him until we got back to shore.  We radioed to camp what had happened so they could be ready with a towel.  When we got to camp Duke got out of the boat on his own and walked up to lay down so we could look at him.  His outter cuts weren't too bad, but we were concerned about internal bleeding.  After assessing him for a few minutes we decided that we needed to try to get him some help.  My husband and my father-in-law took him to the pack station where they vet their own animals and had them look at him.  They said nothing was broken and as far as internal bleeding we just ahve to keep an eye on him and watch his bowel movements for blood.  While at the pack station Pete also confirmed that the gun shots we heard the night before took out a bear they had been having problems with.  We were all shaken up pretty good for the rest of the day, but the kids had another afternoon of swimming and playing.  That evenings fish I caught a 16 inch German Brown.  Day 4: More fishing, more fish, caught by Pete and I, now we were in a competition to out fish each other LOL!  Had a storm this day.  Thunder, lightening and rain.  Another gun shot around the fire that night.  Day 5: Confirmed that the gun shot was another bear.  Fished, played, swam, gathered more wood and had another storm.  More rain and thunder.  Storms are quite different when you are over 9,000 feet up!  By today Duke was doing really well.  He was chasing chipmunks again and jumping up and down out of chairs and off of logs.  Our miracle dog bounced back and survived an insane accident.  He gave us quite the scare!  I am also thinking by this point that as much as I can't wait to get home I really like it here.  It's peaceful and beautiful and there was no one, but us.  Day 6: Fished, swam, played and enjoyed our last day at Edison Lake.  Hung around the fire a little longer this night.  I think we were all a little sad that we were going home the next day.  Day 6: Pete, Ryan and I went out for one last fish.  Pete and I didn't catch anything, but Ryan caught two rainbow trouts within 10 minutes of each other.  Then we went back to camp, packed up and headed home.  My kids learned how to find and chop wood for the fire, create a wind break with some rope and blankets (thank you Grammy), how to gut a fish (thank you daddy) and some other survival skills that will stay with them for a lifetime.  We can't wait to go back next year and every year after that!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Roughin' It

For the last 8 years my husband has been begging me to go camping with him.  It's not that I am against camping, I actually enjoy camping.  However, our ideas of camping are somewhat different.  I think of the Sequoias, or up in the canyon or even over by the beach.  Pitch a tent, have a camp fire, smores, games you know stuff like that.  Pete's version of camping: Drive 4 hours, go over Kaiser Pass ( a VERY narrow and steap road), boat across the lake (30 min trip which has to be made multiple times to get all people and gear across the lake), hike (small hike, but still a hike) to camp site, bring rifle in case of bears, shower bag for showers every 2-3 days, fish most of the day so we can eat, and a portable toilet set over a hole dug by yours truly.  WHAT?  SERIOUSLY?  Oh my, oh my.  I have finally caved in and am giving him his family camping trip.  This is where he grew up camping.  His grandparents and entire family used to go every year.  I am terrified!  I know we will have fun, I am looking forward to spending time with him and the kids, I am excited about being in the beautiful mountains too, but there are definately parts of this experience I am still dreading.  I will make the best of it for my husband.  I will not complain or make things difficult.  I will make sure that he enjoys this vacation!!  So before we leave on Wednesday for our week long camping adventure I am going to spend the next two days finding all of the positives and getting myself ready to enjoy my husband's way of camping.  

Friday, July 30, 2010

I did it!

Yesterday I went to the salon and I did it.  I chopped off ALL of my hair.  My haircut is definately shorter than I had wanted to go and I am going to have to get used to it, but good news is I don't hate it.  I didn't leave the salon and cry!  LOL!  I actually like it.  I think I will like it more once it grows out just a little bit, but all in all I am happy.  It was a whole new experience washing it in the shower this morning.  I feel almost bald.  I am happy that, shower included, it only took me 45 minutes to get ready this morning.  Shower, hair and makeup.  If I had performed that routine with my old hairstyle it would have been almost 2 hours of getting ready.  I must say it was kind of nice.  :)



Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Here we go again...

it never fails.  After every baby I get ancy and do something different to my hair or my overall look to feel better about myself again.  It usually comes within a few months after the baby is born, this time it took longer.  I didn't mind all the sacrifices this time around, not that I really minded them before, but the were welcomed this time.  My baby girl is 8 1/2 months old now and I need to do something.  Usually I drop the baby weight pretty quickly, but this time I am struggling with losing anything.  I still weigh what I weighed when I left the hospital with my Peanut.   My husband tells me everyday how beautiful I am and how much he loves me, but I don't feel beautiful and right now I don't so much love me.  My hair is long, way too long and plain.  It is hard to manage so I just throw it inot a ponytail everyday.  I don't see how my husband finds me beautiful when most days I am unkept.  My hair is NEVER done because it would take over an hour just to do it and I don't have that time and I don't ever do my make up because I don't feel put together with a ponytail.  I know it's all probably silly, but it's where I am at right now.  I have been looking at hairstyles online and I have found a couple that I really like, but they are a HUGE change from where I am now.  I don't know if I have the guts to do it, but I sure would like to.  I have until Thursday to decide because that's when my hair appointment is. HMMMM....what to do, what to do.

Monday, July 19, 2010

8 months old

Well Ms. Emily it has been 8 wonderful months since you joined our family.  Let's review this last month.

  • You have a total of 4 teeth now.
  • You say Dada with intention on getting daddy's attention and you say Mama when you want mommy. 
  • While standing up you will let go of whatever you are holding onto and continue to stand pretty solidly for a few seconds before falling down.
  • You have a lion that you can push across the room and you love walking back and forth across the living room with it.
  • You give the sweetest open mouth kisses!
  • You are going through stranger danger big time.  Anyone you don't know talks to you and you cry.
  • If anyone walks out of the room, no matter who is still in the room with you, you cry.
  • You clap your hands and say "Yaaaaayyyy".  It is so stinkin' cute.
  • Your sister looked at you the other day and tilted her head to the side and you copied her.  We all love getting you to do it over and over because it is so cute.
  • You LOVE the shower.  Most of all you like to sit in the shower directly under the water so that it is running down over your head.
  • You will sit up on your knees and sometimes have one knee down and one foot on the ground.  Almost like you are going to just stand up.
  • When we turn on the music and brother starts to dance so do you.

You are growing and learning so quickly.  It is such a joy to watch you.  We love you Peanut!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Big Red Bus

Pete and I have been talking about getting a new vehicle.  It wasn't really a discussion of whether or not to get a new vehicle, but rather how we were going to acquire a new vehicle.  We have been driving two cars whenever the 6 of us went somewhere all together or we would borrow my in-laws Tahoe.  It was time for a bigger car.  We had the money for a down on a new car or even a new used car and we could make the monthly payments, but that would be taking more money out of the business than we really wanted to take out and we just got to the point to where we don't owe anyone any money.  We are free and clear of debt and the stores are finally supporting themselves without any investment money.  Taking the money for a new vehicle could have changed that and we didn't want to go down that road.  So we prayed and prayed and prayed for guidance as to where to look.  We could buy a vehicle out of the paper, but who knows what we would get or what the true condition of the vehicle would be.  And then God answered our prayers.  My dad called and said that the pastor of his church just purchased a Suburban and a trailor.  He didn't want the Suburban it was just part of the package so he was going to sell it.  He had remembered my dad talking about Pete and I needing a bigger vehicle and asked him if we would be interested in the Suburban.  The Suburban is a 1994 with 170,000 miles on it.  SCARY!  We weren't too sure when we were first asked about it so we continued to pray "God if this is the vehicle you have in mind for us we trust you".  My dad's pastor worked at a body shop for 20+ years before becoming a pastor and another gentleman that attends the church is a mechanic.  So they started under the hood and checked every part of the engine and transmission.  They look over every little detail of the truck.  Most of it was in great condition and what wasn't was replaced.  They even re-painted the entire thing and went so far as to take out all the seats and shampoo the carpets.  It may be 16 years old, but it looks new and runs like new and it's new to us.  It is the new member of our family.  We were blessed with an unbelievable price that has allowed us to remain debt free.  And we can trust the person that we are buying it from and trust that he checked the vehicle out.  YAY, God is good!!

Friday, June 25, 2010


Ok, so I have always heard the stories of how teenage girls become possessed at about age 14 and don't return to their normal selves until about age 19.  I remember being a teenager, but I don't remember being that bad, maybe it's selective memory.  I never thought that my big hearted, caring, loving, quiet, sweet mama's girl would be as bad as all the stories I heard.  Well, it has happened, her head has begun to spin around on her shoulders.  She is mean and hateful towards me over everything.  I can't seem to do anything right.  Everything insues a major attitude or fight.  She talks back like there is no tomorrow and she can say some really mean things when she wants to.  I don't know where this child has come from, but I want my Zayna back!!!  I want the child who doesn't argue with me and is happy to do the things that I ask her to do.  The one who says I love you back.  Sigh...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Emily is 7 months old

My, my how you are growing in leaps and bounds my dear Peanut!  I cannot believe that you are already 7 months old.  Well, let's see what you have been up to this last month.

  • You weigh 19 pounds and are 27 inches long
  • You are climbing on EVERYTHING
  • You will pull yourself up on anything.  You LOVE to stand up.
  • You are finally eating food.  You really like your bananas.
  • You take a nap in the morning and one in the afternoon.  You have stopped your evening nap.
  • You went swimming for the first time last week and you really liked the pool.
  • You started taking baths in the big bathtub and you LOVE it.
  • We have started calling you Dori due to this weird whale calling sound that you have started making when you want our attention or when you aren't happy.  It's really funny, you sound just like Dori from Finding Nemo when she is talking to the whales.
  • You are still just as cute as ever.
  • You definately favor Zayna out of your 3 siblings.  She is still your favorite person to nap with.
  • You are such a good baby when we go to get mommy's pedicures!  Soon they will be painting your toes too.
  • You are definately spoiled and we wouldn't have it any other way.
You are changing everyday, but one thing will never change, you are still the light of our lives.  You are such a happy baby and you bring so much happiness to our family.  Ms. Emily Olivia Grace Kennedy you are such a blessing and we love you tons!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010


Win a Kitchen Aid mixer!

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

God is GOOD!

When I was just a few months pregnant my cousin was selling her brand new, never used crib. So I bought it. I got it for a great price. Well, this weekend Pete and I FINALLY decided to take it out of the garage and put it together. Somewhere in the move the booklet and the parts that were taped to one of the rails of the crib apparently got misplaced because when we brought it into the house there were no parts. How can we put together a crib without any hardware? I was a little annoyed, but what could I do? I decided to look online for a parts list and just go to Home Depot or something and buy the hardware. Can't be that difficult, right? Well when I googled the name of the crib a recall notice came up. April 29, 2010 a recall notice was issued for the very crib that I was wanting to put together for my baby. Apparently the metal bars that make up the mattress support can bend or come undone and cause the mattress to "sag" which creates the perfect little nook for the baby to get caught in between mattress and crib and suffocate. I sat there and stared at the computer for a few moments and then began to wonder what I was going to do. 1. I didn't originally purchase the crib. 2. It was bought like 2 1/2 years ago 3. The company that made the crib went out of business. So today I called Burlington Coat Factory's headquarters (since that's where my cousin bought the crib) and told them that I had a crib that was purchased at their store that had been recalled. The lady asked for the make and model number (thankfully it was on the sticker right on the side of the crib) so I gave it to her and she said oh yeah, that was a popular one. Then she asked if I had the receipt and I thought here's the kicker. I told her no I didn't have the receipt. She said ok, just take the crib back to the store where it was purchased and they will give you store credit. REALLY? I was schocked that it was so easy to fix this problem. After taking the crib back and getting a brand new beautiful crib for my Em I took a step back and realized that God was looking out for us this whole time. I had everything in a bag taped to the crib so that when we were ready to put it together we had what we needed. God knew the crib wasn't safe. He protected my Peanut! God is SO GOOD!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jeffrey Dale Drake Sr. 03-20-73 - 05-20-09

It's been 1 year since my good friend Jeff passed away.  It is still so hard to believe that he is gone.  He left behind a wife and 3 children.  Some days I miss him so much and others I am so angry with him for leaving.  Now I understand that most people don't choose when they die, that is in God's hands, but I do believe that we play a hand in our time on this earth.  Jeff was an alcoholic.  He died because his liver failed and then the rest of his organs followed suit.  Jeff knew for a couple of years before he died that something wasn't right with his body. He knew deep inside that there was something wrong with his liver due to his excessive drinking.  He refused to go to the doctor because he knew they would tell him to stop drinking, he also refused to stop drinking.  I believe that his desease was bigger than he was, but I still get angry at him for not putting his wife and kids first.  His drinking aside he was a good man and he loved his wife and his kids.  I guess that makes it even harder for me to understand.  I saw how much he loved his family!  Well what's done is done.  Today I will remember my friend and the good things about him.  I love and miss you JD!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Emily is 6 months old

I am a few days late, but this is the first chance I have had to blog.  I cannot believe that you are already 6 months old my little peanut.  You are growing so quickly and reaching milestones WAY to early for me.  Well, I guess I should tell you what you have been up to this month.

  • You weigh 22 pounds and are still only 25 inches long.
  • You are crawling like a champ.
  • You sit up all by yourself.  And you sit up so straight and proud.
  • You have this adorable and completely fake cry when you want our attention.  You scrunch up your little nose, stick out your tongue and pretend to cry.  It works everytime! ;)
  • You also have begun to screech, squeel and laugh while staring at one of us to get our attention.  You are absolutely adorable.
  • You are babbling up a storm.  If you have something to say you make sure we are listening!
  • You still love your Moby.
  • You are such a Daddy's girl!  As soon as you see him your face lights up and you are diving out of my arms and reaching for him.  You are still a Mommy's girl too, but definately have your moments when no one else, but Daddy will do.
  • You have your two bottom teeth.  You are such a good baby, no real signs of teething aside from all of the drool.  You are a champ!
  • You LOVE to look at everything and be a part of whatever is going on.
  • You have gotten really good at spotting a toy ( or something else you may want ) and going to get it.  You have no problem grabbing your toys and passing them from hand to hand or holding a toy in each hand.
  • I love it when you crawl across the room and then all of a sudden decide to just sit up and look around for a few moments. 
  • You have discovered your brother's play room and you really like his toys.  He is so good about sharing with you.  I think you are the only one who can crawl right through whatever he is working on without upsetting him.  He absolutely adores you!
  • Your big sister Zayna is one of your favorite people to take naps with.  And Skyler is really good at making you laugh.
You are so beyond precious, beautiful and perfect.  We all love you so very much.  You are such a happy and good baby.  Watching you grow and learn is such an amazing experience for each one of us.  You have already developed special relationships with each one of your siblings and both dad and I.  You are the final piece to our puzzle and you are what ties us all together.  You are our Peanut!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cakes, Cakes...Everywhere Cakes!

I have been self teaching myself the art of cake decorating a little at a time.  I get an idea and I run with it.  I have gotten to a place where I am not so bad.  I am told that my cakes taste yummy and they look cute too.  My hope is that one day when my children are grown and living their lives that I can open my own cake shop.  Who knows, dreams can come true. 

Zayna is 14!!

WOW...I cannot believe that I have a 14 year old.  This year has definately flown by too quickly.  Your birthday was Friday, but I have been so busy that I am just now getting around to blog about it.  Well Zayna, I don't really know where to begin.  We are a year into the teen years and as blessed and thankful as I am to have you as my definately are a teenager.  Some days are really hard and I find myself wishing for the easy days of toddler hood.  You are growing into a young woman with your own thoughts and ideas and those thoughts and ideas are not mine.  I am so scared for what life will bring your way due to your choices sometimes, but I know that you are a smart girl and you are strong, you will handle it.  I too made my own decisions that I know my parents shook their heads at and asked themselves why.  You are a very sweet and loving girl.  You have a good heart and you love your family.  You have a tendancy to be a tad lazy when it comes to your academics, but hopefully that will change as you enter high school.  As your mom I want what is best for you and sometimes what I think is best for you and what you think is best for you are two very different things.  I know that you will grow into a loving and successful adult because your dad and I continue to guide you on that path, but God help me keep my sanity some days because you sure can put up a fight.  I love you #1 and you truly are a blessing in my life!!  I love your spunk and I am happy that you have enough in you to fight what you feel is right for you.  I guess maybe as your mom I am having some trouble letting go as you grow up.  Well happy 14th baby.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Cake Walk

The kids school bbq is tomorrow and we had lots of projects toprepare.  Sky had to build the Tower of Babel and chose to do it out of cake.  Ryan had his Flat Stanley project and I baked up a storm.  I have had the baking itch for a few days.  It's so hard because I love to bake, but I don't need the sweets hanging around here!!  So when I was asked to make some stuff for the cake walk I was so excited, now there was a destination for my goodies.  I made 2 dozen strawberry cheesecake cupcakes, an english toffee cream pie and cake pops.  They all turned out really well.  I can't wait until tomorrow!  The staff from the school have already tried to stake claim on the cake pops.  It should be a fun day!