Wednesday, May 26, 2010

God is GOOD!

When I was just a few months pregnant my cousin was selling her brand new, never used crib. So I bought it. I got it for a great price. Well, this weekend Pete and I FINALLY decided to take it out of the garage and put it together. Somewhere in the move the booklet and the parts that were taped to one of the rails of the crib apparently got misplaced because when we brought it into the house there were no parts. How can we put together a crib without any hardware? I was a little annoyed, but what could I do? I decided to look online for a parts list and just go to Home Depot or something and buy the hardware. Can't be that difficult, right? Well when I googled the name of the crib a recall notice came up. April 29, 2010 a recall notice was issued for the very crib that I was wanting to put together for my baby. Apparently the metal bars that make up the mattress support can bend or come undone and cause the mattress to "sag" which creates the perfect little nook for the baby to get caught in between mattress and crib and suffocate. I sat there and stared at the computer for a few moments and then began to wonder what I was going to do. 1. I didn't originally purchase the crib. 2. It was bought like 2 1/2 years ago 3. The company that made the crib went out of business. So today I called Burlington Coat Factory's headquarters (since that's where my cousin bought the crib) and told them that I had a crib that was purchased at their store that had been recalled. The lady asked for the make and model number (thankfully it was on the sticker right on the side of the crib) so I gave it to her and she said oh yeah, that was a popular one. Then she asked if I had the receipt and I thought here's the kicker. I told her no I didn't have the receipt. She said ok, just take the crib back to the store where it was purchased and they will give you store credit. REALLY? I was schocked that it was so easy to fix this problem. After taking the crib back and getting a brand new beautiful crib for my Em I took a step back and realized that God was looking out for us this whole time. I had everything in a bag taped to the crib so that when we were ready to put it together we had what we needed. God knew the crib wasn't safe. He protected my Peanut! God is SO GOOD!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jeffrey Dale Drake Sr. 03-20-73 - 05-20-09

It's been 1 year since my good friend Jeff passed away.  It is still so hard to believe that he is gone.  He left behind a wife and 3 children.  Some days I miss him so much and others I am so angry with him for leaving.  Now I understand that most people don't choose when they die, that is in God's hands, but I do believe that we play a hand in our time on this earth.  Jeff was an alcoholic.  He died because his liver failed and then the rest of his organs followed suit.  Jeff knew for a couple of years before he died that something wasn't right with his body. He knew deep inside that there was something wrong with his liver due to his excessive drinking.  He refused to go to the doctor because he knew they would tell him to stop drinking, he also refused to stop drinking.  I believe that his desease was bigger than he was, but I still get angry at him for not putting his wife and kids first.  His drinking aside he was a good man and he loved his wife and his kids.  I guess that makes it even harder for me to understand.  I saw how much he loved his family!  Well what's done is done.  Today I will remember my friend and the good things about him.  I love and miss you JD!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Emily is 6 months old

I am a few days late, but this is the first chance I have had to blog.  I cannot believe that you are already 6 months old my little peanut.  You are growing so quickly and reaching milestones WAY to early for me.  Well, I guess I should tell you what you have been up to this month.

  • You weigh 22 pounds and are still only 25 inches long.
  • You are crawling like a champ.
  • You sit up all by yourself.  And you sit up so straight and proud.
  • You have this adorable and completely fake cry when you want our attention.  You scrunch up your little nose, stick out your tongue and pretend to cry.  It works everytime! ;)
  • You also have begun to screech, squeel and laugh while staring at one of us to get our attention.  You are absolutely adorable.
  • You are babbling up a storm.  If you have something to say you make sure we are listening!
  • You still love your Moby.
  • You are such a Daddy's girl!  As soon as you see him your face lights up and you are diving out of my arms and reaching for him.  You are still a Mommy's girl too, but definately have your moments when no one else, but Daddy will do.
  • You have your two bottom teeth.  You are such a good baby, no real signs of teething aside from all of the drool.  You are a champ!
  • You LOVE to look at everything and be a part of whatever is going on.
  • You have gotten really good at spotting a toy ( or something else you may want ) and going to get it.  You have no problem grabbing your toys and passing them from hand to hand or holding a toy in each hand.
  • I love it when you crawl across the room and then all of a sudden decide to just sit up and look around for a few moments. 
  • You have discovered your brother's play room and you really like his toys.  He is so good about sharing with you.  I think you are the only one who can crawl right through whatever he is working on without upsetting him.  He absolutely adores you!
  • Your big sister Zayna is one of your favorite people to take naps with.  And Skyler is really good at making you laugh.
You are so beyond precious, beautiful and perfect.  We all love you so very much.  You are such a happy and good baby.  Watching you grow and learn is such an amazing experience for each one of us.  You have already developed special relationships with each one of your siblings and both dad and I.  You are the final piece to our puzzle and you are what ties us all together.  You are our Peanut!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cakes, Cakes...Everywhere Cakes!

I have been self teaching myself the art of cake decorating a little at a time.  I get an idea and I run with it.  I have gotten to a place where I am not so bad.  I am told that my cakes taste yummy and they look cute too.  My hope is that one day when my children are grown and living their lives that I can open my own cake shop.  Who knows, dreams can come true. 

Zayna is 14!!

WOW...I cannot believe that I have a 14 year old.  This year has definately flown by too quickly.  Your birthday was Friday, but I have been so busy that I am just now getting around to blog about it.  Well Zayna, I don't really know where to begin.  We are a year into the teen years and as blessed and thankful as I am to have you as my definately are a teenager.  Some days are really hard and I find myself wishing for the easy days of toddler hood.  You are growing into a young woman with your own thoughts and ideas and those thoughts and ideas are not mine.  I am so scared for what life will bring your way due to your choices sometimes, but I know that you are a smart girl and you are strong, you will handle it.  I too made my own decisions that I know my parents shook their heads at and asked themselves why.  You are a very sweet and loving girl.  You have a good heart and you love your family.  You have a tendancy to be a tad lazy when it comes to your academics, but hopefully that will change as you enter high school.  As your mom I want what is best for you and sometimes what I think is best for you and what you think is best for you are two very different things.  I know that you will grow into a loving and successful adult because your dad and I continue to guide you on that path, but God help me keep my sanity some days because you sure can put up a fight.  I love you #1 and you truly are a blessing in my life!!  I love your spunk and I am happy that you have enough in you to fight what you feel is right for you.  I guess maybe as your mom I am having some trouble letting go as you grow up.  Well happy 14th baby.