Thursday, October 21, 2010

Oh man....

tonight at the dinner table we are talking and watching the baseball game.  Right before they go to commercial they show Alcatraz Prison.  Pete rewinds it and tells the kids look at this to which Ryan replies "Oh that looks haunted".  Pete and looked at each other and laughed.  Then Pete tells them it is Alcatraz and Ryan says "Oh I have seen Alcatraz in a Scooby Doo movie before."  He goes on to tell us all about the movie and how someone lost their right hand from a shark attack in 1986 when he tried to escape.  HOLY COW....REALLY?  The memory and the detail in the memory on this kid is amazing.  He has seen every scooby doo movie ever made!  He has been a fanatic or has he says a "fan of Scooby Doo" since he was 2.  The fact that he can reference them and pull out facts that he remembers from them is so cool!  I love his brain and I love him!!!  He is such an awesome kid.  I have a house full of awesom kids!!!  I am truly blessed!  Thank you Ryan for making me smile tonight!

Uncle Randy

This may or may not flow and make sense.  I am not sure how it will work out.  I haven't even begun to deal with the loss so my feelings are all over the place.  I am just going to write and I may re-write at a later time.  My Uncle Randy went to be with Jesus on Tuesday.  Even as I am typing it my heart still refuses to believe it.  I just know that if I called him he would answer the phone.  He went in for what they thought was going to be a routine surgery, at least that's what I was told, and during surgery he had a heart attack.  He was on life support and in the ICU.  He seemed to improve over the first 24 hours, but that didn't last long.  He had a long list of health problems and I guess in some eyes this was inevitable, but in mine he was indestructible.  Between Saturday and Sunday my Aunt Elaine noticed a change in her husband, how amazing to know someone so well that even when they couldn't communicate to you that something had changed you could see it!  The doctors ran tests and discovered he had a stroke.  That was the straw that broke the camels back I guess.  Tuesday they took his tube out and within minutes he left this world and went to a better, brighter place.  My aunt said that he was peaceful and comfortable when he passed.  I guess if you have to go you can't ask for much more than that.  That's how he died, but I have so many memories of how he lived!  I don't even know if I can describe how special he is to me.  Next to my dad their isn't another man that holds that kind of place in my heart.  He was honery and funny and loud and one of the sweetest men God ever created.  He was full of life and spunk and he was who he was!!  Everybody who knew Randy loved Randy.  You couldn't help but love him, he was such a force!  I remember as a child going to his house and my cousins and my brother and I would want to walk to the store so they would send me to ask him for money because we all knew he wouldn't say no.  As we would walk down the street we would laugh because we could hear my mom and my aunt Elaine laughing so loudly and mostly at whatever was coming out of my uncle Randy's mouth.  Their laughter would carry all the way down the street.  There was one time when I wanted a Popple and for whatever reason, I am sure it was a good one, I wasn't getting it from my parents.  When I got to my uncle's house I told him that I wanted one, but my mom and dad didn't buy me one so he took me to the store and bought it for me.  I remember getting in trouble for standing on a chair and reaching across the table for food so my uncle picked me up and sat me down in the middle of the table and told me I could have whatever I wanted.  I remember spending weeks during the summertime with them and having the best time of my life.  I remember my parents and my aunt and uncle going out while we stayed at the house with my cousins and they let us watch Goonies, lol, we all got in trouble for that one.  I remember going out to Kettleman City to ride dirt bikes and falling off, my uncle walked over to me, told me to stop crying and get back on the bike.  Tough love!  He was good at that too.  I remembr as a teenager I was at my boyfriend's house and I got a call telling me to come home and bring my boyfriend with me.  When we pulled up my uncle was standing outside waiting for us.  HOLY CRAP I thought.  I walked up and gave him a hug and he told me to go in the house.  I of course did as I was told, but I was worried.  He had a little heart to heart with my boyfriend about what his intentions where and how he was going to treat me and what would happen if he didn't listen.  LOL, he broke up with me a few days later, guess it wasn't meant to be.  I will always hold onto all of my great memories with my uncle and his entire family.  Thankfully I can continue to make memories with them and share in our memories of him.  He was one of  a kind! 

Now I think the hardest part of dealing with all the pain is the pain that keeps coming.  I had intended on going to visit him on Friday, but I was not able to get away and do that.  Therefore I did not get to see him before he passed.  No final goodbye, I didn't get to kiss him one last time or hold his hand.  And to top it all off I don't even get to go to his funeral and be a part of that.  I have never felt pain like this before...     

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

11 Month Old

I am late on this one too.  Emily you amaze me everyday.  I don't know why I deserve to be so blessed, but I am thankful. 

  • You pick everything up so quickly.  We show you 1 time and then you do it.
  • You are "talking" like crazy and you have a handful of correct words.
  • You love to climb on everything.
  • You have now progressed to running.
  • We have not found a food yet that you do not like.  Onions, peppers, beans (of all kinds), mushrooms, avacado, brocoli, spinach, kiwi, banana, apple, orange, rice, chicken, celery, carrots and the list goes on.  You are an excellent eater!
  • You love to be outside.  Anytime anyone opens and then closes the door to the outside you cry because you want to go.
  • You have quite the little attitude!  When you don't want something or someone you have started to give the stink eye and swat at the person or thing that you don't want along with a grunt.
  • You shake your head no.
  • You pout and it is so funny!
  • You love to snuggle and give hugs.
  • You are SUCH a daddy's girl!!
You are growing very quickly and learning at super speed.  We love you and we are so happy that God blessed us with you!  It has been an amazing 11 months.

Ryan turns 7

I should have done this on Sunday, his birthday, but things have been so crazy around here I didn't have the chance.  So we are just going to pretend that I wrote it on his actual birthday, lol.

7 years ago today I gave birth, after 18 1/2 hours of labor, to the most beautiful little boy.  You were the happiest of happy babies, always smiling and laughing.  You were an active, funny and VERY SMART toddler.  And now at 7 years old you continue to be a blessing to this family everyday.  You have the sweetest little heart and you are amazingly intelligent.  You keep me on my toes, you make me smile, you make me laugh, you make me feel like such a good mommy, you are amazing and the best son in the entire world!!!  We love you little man!  Happy Birthday!! :)