Monday, July 19, 2010

8 months old

Well Ms. Emily it has been 8 wonderful months since you joined our family.  Let's review this last month.

  • You have a total of 4 teeth now.
  • You say Dada with intention on getting daddy's attention and you say Mama when you want mommy. 
  • While standing up you will let go of whatever you are holding onto and continue to stand pretty solidly for a few seconds before falling down.
  • You have a lion that you can push across the room and you love walking back and forth across the living room with it.
  • You give the sweetest open mouth kisses!
  • You are going through stranger danger big time.  Anyone you don't know talks to you and you cry.
  • If anyone walks out of the room, no matter who is still in the room with you, you cry.
  • You clap your hands and say "Yaaaaayyyy".  It is so stinkin' cute.
  • Your sister looked at you the other day and tilted her head to the side and you copied her.  We all love getting you to do it over and over because it is so cute.
  • You LOVE the shower.  Most of all you like to sit in the shower directly under the water so that it is running down over your head.
  • You will sit up on your knees and sometimes have one knee down and one foot on the ground.  Almost like you are going to just stand up.
  • When we turn on the music and brother starts to dance so do you.

You are growing and learning so quickly.  It is such a joy to watch you.  We love you Peanut!!

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