Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Big Red Bus

Pete and I have been talking about getting a new vehicle.  It wasn't really a discussion of whether or not to get a new vehicle, but rather how we were going to acquire a new vehicle.  We have been driving two cars whenever the 6 of us went somewhere all together or we would borrow my in-laws Tahoe.  It was time for a bigger car.  We had the money for a down on a new car or even a new used car and we could make the monthly payments, but that would be taking more money out of the business than we really wanted to take out and we just got to the point to where we don't owe anyone any money.  We are free and clear of debt and the stores are finally supporting themselves without any investment money.  Taking the money for a new vehicle could have changed that and we didn't want to go down that road.  So we prayed and prayed and prayed for guidance as to where to look.  We could buy a vehicle out of the paper, but who knows what we would get or what the true condition of the vehicle would be.  And then God answered our prayers.  My dad called and said that the pastor of his church just purchased a Suburban and a trailor.  He didn't want the Suburban it was just part of the package so he was going to sell it.  He had remembered my dad talking about Pete and I needing a bigger vehicle and asked him if we would be interested in the Suburban.  The Suburban is a 1994 with 170,000 miles on it.  SCARY!  We weren't too sure when we were first asked about it so we continued to pray "God if this is the vehicle you have in mind for us we trust you".  My dad's pastor worked at a body shop for 20+ years before becoming a pastor and another gentleman that attends the church is a mechanic.  So they started under the hood and checked every part of the engine and transmission.  They look over every little detail of the truck.  Most of it was in great condition and what wasn't was replaced.  They even re-painted the entire thing and went so far as to take out all the seats and shampoo the carpets.  It may be 16 years old, but it looks new and runs like new and it's new to us.  It is the new member of our family.  We were blessed with an unbelievable price that has allowed us to remain debt free.  And we can trust the person that we are buying it from and trust that he checked the vehicle out.  YAY, God is good!!

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