Thursday, January 13, 2011


It's been 2 years now since my good friend Rossie taught me how to sew.  We used to hang out just about every day after our kids finished their school work.  We would sew and they would play.  I miss those days!!  Rossie moved to Montana and is well on her way to becoming famous! :)  She is so intelligent and crafty and the sweetest, God loving example of a mother and wife.  Can you tell I miss her?  LOL!  Anywho, I didn't sew for almost a year because I was so sick when I was pregnant with Emily and then I didn't want to put her down after she was born.  I have been getting back into though and having lots of fun with it.  I have made several dresses and skirts for Emily and a couple of pairs of frilly pants.  The frilly pants are another creation that I learned from Rossie.  When she came back to visit for a bit she showed me some pants with ruffles at the bottom that she had made her girls and they were the CUTEST things ever!!  I have been dying to make some for Em, but my sewing machine broke, I was so bummed.  Then one day Pete's grandmother asked if I would like to have her sewing machine and I was very blessed with a very nice machine.  My husband also bought me a serger which I have yet to take out of the box because it intimidates me.  So I finally sat down and took out Pete's grandmother's machine and went to work on some "frilly pants".  They are so adorable and I can't wait to make more. 

Pants from the Goodwill - $2.50 each
Material - $2 each



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