Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dinner Table

We have always made it a point to have dinner together at the table.  I guess for me I never thought about dinner any other way since that is how I was raised.  It is just the norm for us, for me.  Sometimes we talk and occassionally I give in and we watch a show together.  In that instance it is always a show that makes you think and sparks conversation between all of us.  My son's favorite is Family Fued.  My husband always pauses the t.v. right after the question is asked ( thank goodness for our dvr!) and lets each on of the kids give their answer before we see what answers are on the board.  It is so cute how excited they get when one of their answers is up there.  It also gives us a sense of their individualities and an insight to how their brains work, some of the answers are pretty interesting.  Anyway, not the focus of this post. :) Last night as we were sitting down to the dinner table, right before we turned the t.v. off we were watching the news.  The story was about the WASP reunion and award ceremony that happened yesterday.  To see the first female pilots to ever be a part of our military was pretty cool.  So after we turned the story off and said our prayer my son asked how many woman died in the war.  Then he wanted to know why it was so special that they were allowed to fly the planes.  And from there the questions began to build between the 3 children.  Each one had questions about a different time and a different war.  It made me realize how little I retained from History class in school and how little I know of our country's history.  Needless to say it sparked some new research in our home and it also gave the girls a little more appreciation for the time in which they were born.  I don't think they had ANY idea of what if was like for woman all those years ago.  You should have seen there faces when I told them there was a time when woman were not allowed to vote or even work outside the home.  It was acutally kind of funny.  A lesson learned for sure though.  I love the topics that develop over dinner and the continued learning they usually bring.

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