Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Heart of gold

So this morning wasn't so different from most mornings.  The girls were at each others throats, which is just about an everday occurance.  They can be so mean to each other sometimes.  It drives me crazy the attitudes they display and the tone that comes out of their mouths!  So after a cat fight this morning we got in the truck and left for school.  I had made green chocolate chip cookies for Skyler and Ryan to take to school for their classes.  Skyler asked me how many I made for her and I told her 19, because that's how many kids are in her class.  She proceeded to inform me with great attitude and discust in her tone of voice that they have a new girl in class and so there are 20 kids now.  I was supposed to know this how?  Couldn't she have told me that last night when I was making the cookies?  What is up with the attitude?  Shouldn't she be grateful that I even MADE cookies in the first place?  All of that aside I told her that there would be plenty of treats there and not everyone would want to eat a cookie so she should be fine.  She continued to huff and puff and argue with me.  Then came the heart of gold.  My oldest daughter sitting in the backseat,didn't get a bag full of cookies to take to jr. high instead she had 2 small cookies in her lunch, offered her cookies up for her sister so that she would have 20.  She took the cookies out and gave one to her sister.  And I know for a fact that even if she had only one cookie she still would have given it to Skyler because that is who Zayna is.  She can be catty and attitudy sometimes, after all she is a teenager and a female, but mostly she is kind, loving and has a big heart of gold!  She is constantly giving to her younger brother and sister without regard for herself.  She selfless and she is a great example.  I love you my Ziggy Zayna and I am SO proud of you!  Thank you for making my day. :)

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