Wednesday, May 26, 2010

God is GOOD!

When I was just a few months pregnant my cousin was selling her brand new, never used crib. So I bought it. I got it for a great price. Well, this weekend Pete and I FINALLY decided to take it out of the garage and put it together. Somewhere in the move the booklet and the parts that were taped to one of the rails of the crib apparently got misplaced because when we brought it into the house there were no parts. How can we put together a crib without any hardware? I was a little annoyed, but what could I do? I decided to look online for a parts list and just go to Home Depot or something and buy the hardware. Can't be that difficult, right? Well when I googled the name of the crib a recall notice came up. April 29, 2010 a recall notice was issued for the very crib that I was wanting to put together for my baby. Apparently the metal bars that make up the mattress support can bend or come undone and cause the mattress to "sag" which creates the perfect little nook for the baby to get caught in between mattress and crib and suffocate. I sat there and stared at the computer for a few moments and then began to wonder what I was going to do. 1. I didn't originally purchase the crib. 2. It was bought like 2 1/2 years ago 3. The company that made the crib went out of business. So today I called Burlington Coat Factory's headquarters (since that's where my cousin bought the crib) and told them that I had a crib that was purchased at their store that had been recalled. The lady asked for the make and model number (thankfully it was on the sticker right on the side of the crib) so I gave it to her and she said oh yeah, that was a popular one. Then she asked if I had the receipt and I thought here's the kicker. I told her no I didn't have the receipt. She said ok, just take the crib back to the store where it was purchased and they will give you store credit. REALLY? I was schocked that it was so easy to fix this problem. After taking the crib back and getting a brand new beautiful crib for my Em I took a step back and realized that God was looking out for us this whole time. I had everything in a bag taped to the crib so that when we were ready to put it together we had what we needed. God knew the crib wasn't safe. He protected my Peanut! God is SO GOOD!!

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