Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Emily is 7 months old

My, my how you are growing in leaps and bounds my dear Peanut!  I cannot believe that you are already 7 months old.  Well, let's see what you have been up to this last month.

  • You weigh 19 pounds and are 27 inches long
  • You are climbing on EVERYTHING
  • You will pull yourself up on anything.  You LOVE to stand up.
  • You are finally eating food.  You really like your bananas.
  • You take a nap in the morning and one in the afternoon.  You have stopped your evening nap.
  • You went swimming for the first time last week and you really liked the pool.
  • You started taking baths in the big bathtub and you LOVE it.
  • We have started calling you Dori due to this weird whale calling sound that you have started making when you want our attention or when you aren't happy.  It's really funny, you sound just like Dori from Finding Nemo when she is talking to the whales.
  • You are still just as cute as ever.
  • You definately favor Zayna out of your 3 siblings.  She is still your favorite person to nap with.
  • You are such a good baby when we go to get mommy's pedicures!  Soon they will be painting your toes too.
  • You are definately spoiled and we wouldn't have it any other way.
You are changing everyday, but one thing will never change, you are still the light of our lives.  You are such a happy baby and you bring so much happiness to our family.  Ms. Emily Olivia Grace Kennedy you are such a blessing and we love you tons!!!

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