Wednesday, October 20, 2010

11 Month Old

I am late on this one too.  Emily you amaze me everyday.  I don't know why I deserve to be so blessed, but I am thankful. 

  • You pick everything up so quickly.  We show you 1 time and then you do it.
  • You are "talking" like crazy and you have a handful of correct words.
  • You love to climb on everything.
  • You have now progressed to running.
  • We have not found a food yet that you do not like.  Onions, peppers, beans (of all kinds), mushrooms, avacado, brocoli, spinach, kiwi, banana, apple, orange, rice, chicken, celery, carrots and the list goes on.  You are an excellent eater!
  • You love to be outside.  Anytime anyone opens and then closes the door to the outside you cry because you want to go.
  • You have quite the little attitude!  When you don't want something or someone you have started to give the stink eye and swat at the person or thing that you don't want along with a grunt.
  • You shake your head no.
  • You pout and it is so funny!
  • You love to snuggle and give hugs.
  • You are SUCH a daddy's girl!!
You are growing very quickly and learning at super speed.  We love you and we are so happy that God blessed us with you!  It has been an amazing 11 months.

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