Friday, April 23, 2010

My Birthday

Wednesday was my birthday.  Every year it comes and goes.  Usually fairly unrecognized, which is really ok with me.  I have never been good with being the center of attention or "relaxing" and allowing others to do for me.  After all I am a mom and my job is to take care of others and to do for just feel un-natural to not do everything.  Crazy I know!  Anyway, my husband and children did such a good job of making me feel loved and special this year.  They started the day by letting me sleep in a little.  They snuck in and took the baby before she was able to wake me up, how they did this I have no idea.  The kids made me breakfast and Pete took them to school for me.  My dad came in from Pismo to take me to lunch and stuck around for the day.  Pete came home from work early, which was a miracle and he took us all out to dinner.  All and all it was a great day!  Thank you to my awesome family for making my day!!  Oh yeah and Emily started crawling on my birthday and cut her first tooth.

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